1. So, what is Flipfabulous Flipbooks?
Guests shoot a 7 second video. We print out the photos and put them into a fun flipbook in minutes. Your guests can choose from a wide assortment of props which we’ll provide. The entertainment starts with everyone watching others create their flipbooks! It’s amazing to see others preparing for his or her own time in front of the camera. The excitement spreads fast as people show off what they have done and encourage the other guests to rush over to make their own. Watch as even the most subdued guests do some of the best acts!

2. How does it work?
Guests enter our on-site portable studio area and a short video is filmed. While filming the video, guests may dance, wave, blow kisses or make up skits. Our staff will give you an idea of skits to be performed or they can just be spontaneous.

3. What if my guests don’t know what to do for the video?
We provide a number of props for use during the video. If your event has a special theme, we endeavor to provide props to match the theme. Our staff will help them if they need ideas.
4. How many people can I fit in a flipbook?
Let’s just say, as many people as you can fit into our display in under 7 seconds! Usually, 3 to 4 would work best.

5. If we have 4 people in a flipbook, can we all get a copy?
Yes and no. Let me explain how we operate to make it fair for all of your guests. Since it takes us about a minute-and-a-half to make each flipbook, if we make 4 flipbooks of the same group of people, the next person has to wait 6 minutes before we can even begin working on his or her flipbook. The result is a long line of people waiting around for their flipbook and not enjoying your party! So, here is our solution, we make one flipbook for the group and tell them that if they would like a copy of that flipbook to bring it back to us when we aren’t as busy. We can pull up that saved file and make copies as time permits. This is great for our client because we keep the line moving and are still making flipbooks even when we aren’t crowded!

6. How many flipbooks can you make in an hour?
We average 40 to 45 flipbooks per hour. This number all depends on the cooperation of the guests and the number of retakes and copies they want us to do.

7. What do you charge the guests for the books?
Nothing!!! The cost of producing the books onsite is included in the event charge.

8. What do you need in order to set up at an event?
We prefer a 10 foot x 10 foot area, but can be slightly flexible depending on the layout of the venue. We also need one standard wall outlet. If your event is outdoors, please contact us for information on our generator and tent.

9. Does The Flipbook Studio travel to events outside of our area?
Yes, we do Flipfabulous Flipbooks anywhere in the United States. Travel expenses to locations outside of our area will be billed accordingly.

10. Do you do outdoor events?
Yes we do! If you need us to provide a tent or generator, extra fees might be involved. Please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you ask for the quote so we can work out the details of the logistics. Generally, the purchaser must provide shelter from the elements, whether it is a gust of wind, potential rain or extreme sunlight. The site conditions and a site survey must be done well in advance of an event. Extra charges may apply.

11. Can I send you a video clip and have you send it back to me in a flipbook?
Yes, if you have a 7 second section of video we can put it to a Flipfabulous Flipbooks.

12. We are interested in using Flipfabulous Flipbooks as a Save the Date card, birth announcements, thank you cards ect. – can we do this?
Yes, it’s a very creative and unique idea! Pre-made Flipfabulous Flipbooks also make great Thank You cards that can be placed at your guests table setting. At Flipfabulous Flipbooks, we make these pre-made flipbooks by either producing them in our studio or coming to your preferred location in the Wichita area to take the short video clip and then process the order in our studio. The minimum order is 25 flipbooks, and we have limited availability due to our busy event schedule.

13. Will you make a personalized cover for our event?
Custom covers with your pictures, logos, or message can be make so every time someone looks at there keepsake they will have know it is from your event. Custom covers must be planned and approved at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. We can also insert a standard . or individual custom message that will scroll across the bottom of the book.

14. How much does it cost to have Flipfabulous Flipbooks at my event?
For pricing, please see Pricing Page or call us at (316)-990-5017 for details

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